Kat and Ella’s Story

Kat And Ella Story

Kat found herself in New York for the first time several years ago, and as a knowledgeable and avid explorer of her resident city London, she set herself the task of getting to know all the best spots to visit in NYC. She researched shops, restaurants and galleries – places to find elegant wardrobe basics and those memorable luxurious purchases that stay with you for life. She got in touch with her friends from New York and asked them to share their city secrets and favourite hidden gems. Kat had an amazing trip and the concept of ‘Kat and Ella’ was born.

Returning to London, she created a team of experts to help travellers like herself discover the cities they visit…as a local would. The current portfolio includes London, Paris, Seville and Dublin. The ‘Kat and Ella’ team love to travel; they are passionate about the journey and enjoy the discoveries along the way. They like to get to know the place, its people, culture and local vibe, enjoying shopping, fashion, galleries, restaurants, hotels and antique hunting as they go. The team know their home-cities like the back of their hand – for the inside scoop on where to go they are just the ticket. From hidden vintage treasure-troves to chic under-the-radar-boutiques, punctuated with tea times and cappuccinos, the city will unfold in an entirely unique way.